Strayanomics. Get around it.

I arrive a tardy guest at the econ blogosoirée. Not the most erudite of attendees, or the best-dressed, but an eager one nonetheless.

Australia is where I live. Among other things, it’s an economy. The economic forces that churn behind the scenes in the daily lives of Australians are of great interest to me. Of course, these forces are not confined to our shores; they bubble and rage from across the seas, enriching or imperilling us at their leisure.

They will also form the principal subject of this blog, as they do for a pantheon of other excellent blogs today.

Economic exchange is a fundamental activity of human civilization. When folks exchange things, a market arises. The craziest of all markets are financial. As peaceful as it would be to partition financial markets from the rest of our lives, they are deeply intertwined.

And so the vicissitudes of global financial markets will feature regularly, as again, they usually do on these sorts of sites.

I’ve adopted yet another mangled compound of the word economics as the title of this blog. Soz.

Australia. Economics.



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